Medical Commission

The Medical Commission is made up of medical experts to provide specialist advice and recommendations to the BWF.

The Commission ensures that all medical and doping matters pertaining to players and officials are addressed in a professional manner to protect the player’s health and well being as well as performance and to protect the image of the sport of Badminton.

The work of the Commission is guided by its Terms of Reference which is approved by Council.

Members of the Medical Commission are appointed by the BWF Council.

The Medical Commission is made up of the following medical experts:

  • Dr. Gurcharan Singh (Malaysia) – Chair
  • Dr. Martin Fahlström (Sweden)
  • Dr. Ashwin Patel (England)
  • Dr. Carmen Jahja (Indonesia)
  • Dr. Nisith Chowdhury (India)
  • Dr. Wojciech Ossowski (Poland)