History of World Junior Championships


BWF World Junior Championships for Suhandinata and Eye Level Cups


The BWF World Junior Championships, held annually, consists of two separate events: a team event for the Suhandinata Cup followed by an individual event for Eye Level Cups – all hosted within 12 days.

Reflecting a general trend in elite sports towards younger stars, the BWF World Junior Championships has evolved from a “development event” to an elite tournament in its own right. The BWF World Junior Championships provides badminton fans with a first glimpse of the stars of the future.

Whilst the standard required to win the event is incredibly high, the event is rooted in its ambition to provide elite-level competition for junior players from a cross-section of national badminton associations.



The 2011 edition of the BWF World Junior championship saw the birth of five  new individual trophies called “Eye- Level Cups”.

Korean educational service provider, Daekyo, has sponsored the annual junior tournament with the sponsorship running through to 2020. A cash prize of USD36, 000 is also given away as scholarship to all the  winners

The term Noonnoppi, which is Korean for "eye level," represents Daekyo's learner-oriented educational methods as Daekyo aims to offer a variety of educational services suitable for a globalized, diversified social structure.

Dr Kang Young Joong (pictured left in  the photo), who was the BWF President as well as the Chairman of Daekyo, has always been a firm supporter of developing badminton amongst the youth. Daekyo's sponsorship of the BWF World Junior Championships individual trophies is thus an extension of empowering youths through education and now in youth sport



Brief History

The BWF World Junior Championships was first hosted in Jakarta in 1992 and the event firmly established itself as an elite world junior tournament. The championships cups were  called as Bimantara Cups and the tenure of the cups ended in year 2010.

Primarily envisaged as a development-based event, the tournament attracted a wide variety of nations. It is the first opportunity for young badminton players to represent their country in a world event, to experience top level competition - and  became the stars of the future Bimantara Cup

The BWF World Junior Championships has been hosted in a variety of cities across the world from Pretoria in South Africa, to Guadalajara, Mexico. A list of previous host are listed below.


Previous Hosts

  • 1992 - Jakarta (INA)
  • 1994 - Kuala Lumpur (MAS)
  • 1996 - Silkeborg (DEN)
  • 1998 - Melbourne (AUS)
  • 2000 - Guangzhou (CHN)
  • 2002 - Pretoria (RSA)
  • 2004 - Vancouver (CAN)
  • 2006 - Incheon (KOR)
  • 2007 - Waitakere, Auckland (NZL)
  • 2008 - Pune (IND)
  • 2009 - Alor Setar (MAS)
  • 2010 - Guadalajara(MEX)
  • 2011 - Chinese Taipei (TPE)
  • 2012 - Chiba (JPN)
  • 2013 - Bangkok (THA)
  • 2014 - Alor Setar (MAS)
  • 2015 - Lima(PER)