Grand Prix Gold and Grand Prix Series



There are two levels of Grand Prix Events – Grand Prix and Grand Prix Gold. These are individual events.

World Grand Prix Events have singles (men / women) and doubles (men / women / mixed) competitions and are open to all badminton players who are members of their respective national associations affiliated to the BWF.

Grand Prix tournaments are classified as  Level 3 events, one below Superseries.  The highest level of Grand Prix event is the Grand Prix Gold with a prize pool of US$120,000 minimum and Grand Prix with US$50,000 minimum. All Grand Prix events offer ranking points to players according to the classification of each tournament.

In 2014, 10 Member Associations successfully hosted Grand Prix Gold events while nine Member Association hosted Grand Prix events, providing players with the opportunity to win a total of USD $1,870,000 in prize money.

Through BWF's media partner IMG Media, all Grand Prix Gold competition is available for global television viewing.

The Grand Prix level of events, following on the heels of the BWF Major Events and the BWF World Superseries, will showcase badminton from locations such as Lucknow, Basel, Changzhou, Auckland, New York, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh, Saarbrucken, and Rio de Janeiro.

2015 Grand Prix Gold and Grand Prix Tournaments

Yonex Sunrise Malaysia Masters 2015 (13-18 January) Chinese Taipei Grand Prix 2015 (22-27 September)
Syed Modi International Badminton Championships 2015 (20-25 January) SGC Thailand Open 2015 (29 September - 4 October)
Yonex German Open 2015 (24 February - 1 March) Yonex Dutch Open 2015 (6-11 October)
Swiss Open 2015 (10-15 March) Bitburger Badminton 2015 (27 October - 1 November)
China Masters 2015 (14-19 April) 2015 Korea Masters (3-8 November)
SKYCITY New Zealand Open 2015 (28 April - 3 May) 2015 Scottish Open Grand Prix (18-22 November)
2015 US Yonex US Open Badminton Championships (16-21 June) Yonex Rio Grand Prix 2015 (24-29 November)
2015 Yonex Canada Open (22-28 June) Macau Open (24-29 November)
Yonex Chinese Taipei Open 2015 (14-19 July) Yonex Sunrise Indonesian Masters 2015 (1-6 December)
Russian Open 2015 (21-26 July) 2015 K&D Graphics / Yonex Grand Prix (7-12 December)
Yonex Sunrise Vietnam Open 2015 (24-30 August)  


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