BWF Coach Education Framework








Badminton Teaching Certificate


Current or training teachers/PE teachers.


8 hour course - 1 day format or 8 x 1 hour modules.


Basic badminton skills and knowledge - technical, physical and tactical elements – and how to deliver safe and fun badminton sessions for children.



Teachers are able to plan and deliver safe, structured and fun badminton activities and sessions.

Assessed by course tutors.

Coach Level 1

Motivated candidates with basic badminton experience / knowledge

PE teachers with badminton teaching certificate.

9 day course or 2 x 2 day course with guided coaching practice in between. 

Basic coaching principles.

What to coach - Level 1 - technical, tactical, physical and physical elements.

How to coach - Level 1 – basic coaching methodology.

Planning and delivery of progressive coaching sessions.

Demonstrates basic coaching competencies through effective planning, delivery, review and evaluation of linked coaching sessions.

Safe management of group activities

Assessed by course tutor.

Coach Level 2

Level 1 coaches or equivalent.

Players with national/international badminton experience.

Minimum 6 days tutored activities. Plus tasked and guided coaching practice and planning.

Coaching principles.

How to coach - Level 2 coaching techniques.

What to coach - Level 2 - technical, tactical and physical and elements with underpinning scientific principles and knowledge.

Planning and delivery of annual training and competition programmes for individual badminton players.

Able to construct and deliver annual training and competition plans.

Individual training plans and programmes underpinned by sports science principles.

Effective management of groups of players up to elite performance level.

Assessed by course tutor.

Coach Level 3 Level 2 coaches or equivalent with minimum of 3 years coaching experience.

Tutored generic and specialist modules.

Long study of an agreed area of research to demonstrate competence.

Advanced planning and delivery for a specialized audience:

  • Children
  • Elite performance
  • Coach education

Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of selected specialist area.

Ability to manage and integrate other coaches and experts into on-court / off court training plans.

Long study of an agreed area of research to demonstrate competence.

Assessed by a panel of relevant coaching experts.

Coach Level 4 Highly experience coaches with experience of managing programmes. Graduate/post-graduate level study of approved specialist subject (minimum 12 months).

Advanced level long term planning, delivery and management in chosen area of expertise.

The application of sports science research, innovative and best practice. 

Demonstrate long term developmental programmes and planning in specialist area, which includes research and innovative practice.

Thesis produced on specialist area.

Assessed by external panel of relevant coaches / sports scientists with badminton experience.

Coach Educators (Tutors/Trainers) Coaches with existing experience in coach development or very experienced coaches with relevant competences. Course length appropriate to the level of award.

Relevant to the level of award – such as:

  • Schools Badminton Tutors
  • Schools Badminton Trainers
  • Level 1 Coach Educators

Able to deliver to adult coaches and PE teachers catering to various learning styles and incorporating various teaching / learning techniques. High level of communication skills.

Assessed by external assessor.


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