Environment Policy

“Environmental Responsibility” is enshrined in the BWF constitution. 

Clause 4.5 states that: "The Federation shall take a responsible approach to safeguarding the environment and managing resources through its practices in hosting events and in managing its operations".


The BWF Environmental Policy describes the aims and principles underpinning environmental responsibility in the activities undertaken by the BWF – its events, the equipment used in badminton and its office operations.


The BWF Administration Committee is delegated by the Council to oversee the implementation of the Environmental Policy with the following areas of responsibility:

  • To promote environmental responsibility in the planning and staging of events;
  • To raise awareness on environmental issues throughout the badminton community;
  • To oversee the development of publications / guidelines on environmental sustainability for the sport, event management and environmental impacts of these, general awareness of environmental issues in the sport;
  • To encourage research that looks for the use of more sustainable materials for badminton equipment;
  • To liaise with external institutions such as public authorities, environmental organisations and other sporting bodies;
  • To monitor and evaluate the applications of BWF’s environmental policies and guidelines.