Peace Through Badminton

In partnership with Peace and Sport, the BWF plans and implements projects to encourage peace and social cohesion through badminton. 

In 2010, Peace and Sport and the BWF signed an MOU which defines shared goals in working together to support vulnerable youth in projects which promote peace through sport.
The BWF is working with Peace and Sport on three projects in three regions of the world:
  - Columbia - "Badminton por la Paz
  - Timor Leste - "Badminton ba Dame
Peace and Sport and the BWF work with NGOs, NOCs, government agencies, national badminton federations, the continental badminton federations and equipment suppliers to bring together the resources and people to fund and deliver three year projects.
The projects aim to provide structured social and educational activities together with badminton training and competition. The programmes target vulnerable youth in regions of the world and in communities that have been affected by natural disasters, war, severe economic circumstances and social unrest.
The model implemented is different for each project and each community. The underlying principle however is to encourage peace and social cohesion through structured badminton programmes and to use sport and education as a change agent in peoples lives. 
Sport is a powerful tool for change and the projects aim to provide opportunities for the most vulnerable youth in targeted regions in these countries.
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