World Team Ranking


World Team Ranking

In December 2010 BWF agreed to establish a World Teams Ranking.The introduction of a World Teams Ranking will have beneficial effects in generating media coverage for Badminton and might also allow Countries to demonstrate to funding partners that they are worth investing in, while also incentivising others to improve their ranking.

The BWF World Team Ranking system is also  to measure the overall strength of players from all Member Associations participating in BWF sanctioned tournaments. The Member Associations are ranked based on the results achieved by their players and their teams, the team earning highest number of raking points being ranked the highest.  The system used to rank the teams is explained below.

  • World Team Ranking points are awarded to a highest ranked player / pair from each Member Association in each of the five Badminton events i.e.  Men’s Singles (MS), Women’s Singles (WS), Men’s Doubles (MD), Women’s Doubles (WD) and Mixed Doubles (XD) based on their world ranking as per the recently published BWF World Ranking.
  • World Team Ranking points are also awarded for the Member Association’s finishing position in the Team championships held in the last 52 weeks i.e. Thomas and Uber Cups, Sudirman Cup.


  • Where there is a pair competing together in the World Ranking from two different Member Associations and one or both players are ranked highest for their respective Member Associations, General Competition Regulations 12.6.1 shall be applied.  A Member Association’s Team Ranking points in such cases will include the eligible player’s points from the mixed member association pair and the points from the next eligible highest ranked player to determine their notional ranking points after applying the procedure in General Competition Regulations 12.6.1. 


  • The world team ranking is published on a quarterly basis on first Thursday of April, July, October and January. The complete World Team Ranking list is available on the BWF website.


  • The World Team Rankings are compiled from the points allocated in a 52 week period as shown in the tables below:
  •           World Team Ranking points table


The second quarter  World Team ranking published on BWF website is  from July  to end of October 2011.