BWF Anti-Doping Regulations

The BWF Anti-Doping Regulations comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code.  The WADA Code  brings all world sports into line under the one common set of guidelines, obligations and policies including testing, education and results management procedures.

The BWF Anti-Doping Regulations apply to:

    1. the BWF

    2. each Member Association of the BWF

    3. each player or support personnel (coaches / trainers) in badminton

Hearing Panel Decisions

 - LEE Yong Dae & KIM Ki Jung - 14 April 2014



World Anti-Doping Code(2009)

 - BWF Anti-doping Regulations (effective 1 January 2009)

 Amendments to BWF Anti-doping Regulations as at 3 Dec 2010

 - WADA Prohibited List 2014 - effective 1 January 2014

 - Questions and Answers - Prohibited List 2014

 - WADA Information - Prohibited List 2014