Whereabout Information

Registered Testing Pool

The BWF conducts both "in-competition" and "out of competition" testing of players. The BWF has a Registered Testing Pool - a list of players who meet the criteria below - see point 5. Each person on this list is required to provide "Whereabouts" information for each day of the year. This is mandatory. This information must be provided through the online ADAMS system - see below for more information on the requirements.


1. Whereabouts information - Questions & Answers - ADAMS

2. Whereabouts information for players

3. List of Players in Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

4. Manual submission - Only use this form if unable to complete your updated information on ADAMS  - Location Form

5. Criteria for inclusion in the BWF Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

           a) Top 10 in the BWF World Ranking for men’s singles and women’s singles
           b) Top 5 pairs in the BWF World Ranking for men’s / women’s / mixed doubles
           c) Any player coming back from retirement / period of ineligibility
           d) Other players the BWF determines that should go on the RTP