Para-badminton Regulations

Para-badminton is regulated by the following:

 - Laws of Badminton (Para-badminton is integrated as part of the Laws)

 - Para-badminton Classification Regulations

 - Para-badminton Competition Regulations 


The Laws of Badminton and Regulations are located in the one area of the website - under "Laws and Regulation".


Laws of Badminton - Experiment - Additional Para-Badminton Equipment

In December 2012, the BWF Council approved an experiment to the Laws of Badminton. This experiment covers Additional Equipment for Para-Badminton. The Council will make a proposal to the BWF AGM of 18 May 2013 to include this new Law as Appendix 6 of the Laws of Badminton. 

The experiment can be downloaded from the website.

If you wish to make any comments about this proposal, email 



Classification Regulations

The Classification Regulations provide a framework within which the process of classification takes place. These Regulations are in-line with the IPC Classification Code and International Standards.


Classification is undertaken so that players can be designated a Sport Class (which groups players together in tournaments to compete against each other) and allocated a Sport Class Status (which indicates when players should be evaluated and how their Sport Class may be challenged).