Para-badminton Commission

The Para-Badminton Commission provides expert technical advice to the Para-Badminton Committee.

The Commission focuses on rules and regulations, medical and classification and procedures around para-badminton tournaments.

The Commission members are appointed by the BWF Council. Commission members have expertise in key areas of para-badminton including:

  - Technical – rules and regulations
  - Medical and Classifications
  - Anti-doping
  - Events and Competitions
  - Officiating
  - Development
  - Administration of para-badminton

The work of the Commission is guided by its Terms of Reference which is approved by Council.

Commission Members

  - Paul Kurzo – Chair – BWF Vice President Para-Badminton
  - Wayne Somers – Deputy Chair 
  - Dr Silvia Albrecht – Head of Classification
  - Dr Shamsul Azhar Shah - Senior Classifier
  - Guenter Kluetzke - Technical
  - Torsten Berg - Technical
  - Lyndon Williams - Para-Badminton Development
  - Richard Perot - Para-Badminton Athletes' Commission Chair
  - Yau Tiam Ann - Para-Badminton Athletes' Commission
  - Stuart Borrie - BWF Director of Operations
  - Andy Hines-Randle - BWF Para-Badminton & Integrity Unit Manager