The BWF has two levels of umpires together with an Assessment Panel.


Umpire Nomination Process

The BWF appoints BWF Certificated Umpires for the Olympic Games, Thomas and Uber Cup Finals, Sudirman Cup and Super Series Finals. For other events, the BWF may appoint Accredited Umpires and Continentally Certificated Umpires or Nationally Certificated Umpires normally from the Continent or Member Association where the BWF event is held.

The host country appoints umpires for Grand Prix Gold and Grand Prix tournaments and tournaments at International Challenge, International Series and Future Series.

Stages of the nomination process for BWF Events:

  • For each event, the BWF Office and Events Committee Chair agree on the number of umpires to be selected based on the competition format and other considerations such as financial resources.
  • The quota for BWF major events is agreed by the Events Committee and Council;
  • The BWF invites the Continental Confederations to recommend the umpires as per the agreed quota, together with a few reserves;
  • The Nomination List is provided to the BWF by the Confederations in priority order;
  • The referee may be consulted on the nomination of the umpires;
  • The Events Committee finalises the Nomination List;
  • The Council approves the Nomination List;
  • The BWF issues invitations based on the lists and copied in Continental Confederations and Member Associations.

The aim of the Events Committee in making selections is to ensure a high standard of umpiring and service judging at BWF events as well as a balance between appropriate practical experience for the more experienced umpires as well as the less experienced. In this regard, umpires from Continents where BWF events are rarely played shall be given particular attention.

The BWF Office keeps a record of invitations to BWF and other major events and a record of umpiring work carried out by BWF umpires.



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3) BWF Travel Insurance Policy


Key Staff Contact

Chris Trenholme, Technical Events Manager: