Endorsed Training Centres

The BWF has a number of Endorsing Training Centres. These are privately owned and operated badminton training centres and academies that provide high performance training for players who wish to play competatively at an international level. Some of the players are aiming to qualify for the London 2012 Olympic Games.


The BWF has assessed these centres as having high quality training - both technical and physical training for badminton athletes. The BWF refers athletes to such centres if it has enquires from Member Associations or players in "developing" and "less developed" badminton systems. These players may have an Olympic Solidarity scholarship and they can use this scholarship to help fund their training / living environment at the centre. Other players will pay the fees for such training with the support of their Association, a scholarship through their Continental Confederation or their families.


The aims of having this system of Endorsed Training Centres are:

1. To provide a network of quality centres for players from less developed high performance systems.

2. To ensure a consistent and high level of technical badminton training / physical preparation for international competition.

3. To provide options for Olympic Solidarity Scholarship holders who are seeking a training environment in Europe / Asia.


The BWF is please to have the following centres as BWF Endorsed Training Centres:

1. Greve Training Centre - Copenhagen Denmark - www.grevebadminton.dk

2. International Badminton Academy - Copenhagen Denmark - www.intbadaca.dk

3. Tangkas Alfamart Training Centre  - Jakarta Indonesia

The BWF can provide more information on the kinds of programmes provided and discuss with Olympic Solidarity Scholarship holders and their NOCs / Associations the kind of training and living environment that would best suit their needs as they aim towards Olympic Games qualification.

Contact    Stuart Borrie  s.borrie@bwfbadminton.org