The BWF is committed to the development and growth of badminton at a world, regional and a local level. The BWF invests significantly each year on development.

BWF works closely with the five Continental Confederations, its Member Associations and other partners to focus on priority development areas including the following:

 - Children - Shuttle Time Schools Badminton

 - Coaches - Coach Education - Level 1 and 2 courses

 - Player Development - Towards Rio 2016 and Beyond 

 - Sport Science - Badminton Specific Research


New Websites

In 2016, the BWF will launch two new websites:

 - Shuttle Time Website - launched in May 2016

 - Education Website - education & training programmes


Contact us:

 - shuttletime@bwfbadminton.org

 - coaching@bwfbadminton.org