The BWF has nine Council Committees, a number of Commissions and Working Groups.

The Council Committees are:

 Administration Committee     


 Chair – Vishu Tolan
 Deputy Chair - Gregory Verpoorten


 Finance Committee

 Chair - Dato' Lim Teong Kiat
 Deputy Chair – Chipo Zimburani


 Marketing Committee

 Chair – Nigel Skelt
 Deputy Chair - Etienne Thobois


 Communication Committee

 Chair – Ng Yoke Weng
 Deputy Chair – Ranjit deSilva


 Development & Sport for All

 Chair - David Cabello
 Deputy Chair – Jassem Kanso


 Events Committee

 Chair – Peter Tarcala
 Deputy Chair – Li LingWei


 Para-Badminton Committee

 Chair – Paul Kurzo
 Deputy Chair – Wayne Somers


 IOC & International Relations 

 Chair – Etienne Thobois
 Deputy Chair – Dagmawit Girmay Berhane


 Continental Confederations

 Chair – Poul-Erik Høyer
 Deputy Chair – Gustavo Salazar



Committees are made up only of Council members. The main role of Committees is to focus on the development of policy and ensure that the scope of work for the Committee foloows the strategic priorities as detailed in the Strategic Plan 2012 - 2016 (see below).

New policies / procedures or amendments to existing policies and regulations are drafted by Committees with input from Working Groups and staff. Proposals are then presented to the BWF Council for consideration.

Each Committee has a Terms of Reference which describes the scope of work and the objectives for each Committee.  The Terms of Refernce are in the Federation Rules and Procedures document.


Commissions are specialist groups who review current practice and regulations, develop procedures and provide advice to Committees. The BWF has the following Commissions:

  • Athletes Commission
  • Women's Commission
  • Para-Badminton Commission
  • Awards Commission
  • Technical Officials Commission
  • Medical Commission
  • HR Commission

Working Groups 

Committee Chairs are able to form Working Groups to complete specific tasks. 


The BWF Strategic Plan (2012 – 2016) guides the Council, Committees, Commissions and BWF staff in the preparation of policy and annual work plans.