Barred Players


1.  Penalties - GCR Clause 31

The system of penalties for such offences as yellow/red/black cards, not attending the managers meeting, withdrawls is described in the General Competition Regulations (GCR) Clause 31. The Table of Offences and Penalties is published as Part III, Section 1A - Appendix 11 (linked here).

Member Associations may be barred from entering players into BWF sanctioned tournaments if penalty fees are not paid in 60 days after the invoice is received  -see Clause 31.7.

2. Member Associations 

The following Member Associations are not permitted to enter any of their players in any BWF sanctioned tournaments until outstanding penaltiy fees are paid

  • Kyrgyzstan - Kyrghyz National Badminton Association
  • Palestine - Palestine Badminton Federation
  • Myanmar - Myanmar Badminton Federation

Sri Lankan Badminton Association (SLBA) has been suspended Under Clause 13.1 of the BWF Constitution.

The BWF has determined that the SLBA Constitution does not meet the criteria for on-going membership of the BWF as per Clause 8.3 and 8.10 of the BWF Constitution. Furthermore, it has been determined that the autonomy of the SLBA is being compromised through the application of government sports regulations and sports laws.  The SLBA is not able to govern in an independent and autonomous way as is required under Clause 5.2 and 5.3 of the BWF Constitution (see link to the BWF Constitution).

In accordance with Clause 13.10 of the BWF Constitution, a suspended member shall be deprived of all rights of membership. The SLBA, while suspended, may not:

enter players into any BWF sanctioned tournament or events promoted by the BWF;
receive sanctioning for any international badminton tournaments or events;
attend BWF General Meetings (save for the purposes of Clause 13.8).

Any Sri Lankan players currently entered in international tournaments where the draw has not been completed, will be withdrawn from the competition. If the draw has already been completed, the player will be allowed to compete however the player will not receive any ranking points.


The barring of these Member Associations from entering players into tournaments will remain in place until further notice.


3.  Disciplinary Action - Barred Players

The BWF Disciplinary Committee makes rulings on possible breaches of the Code of Conduct, and from time to time bars players from competition. A summary of the cases is published on the BWF website.


4. BWF Procedures - Member Associations Barred from entering Players


The following procedures will apply when a Member Association is barred from entering players.

  • The names of the Member Associations barred from entering players, will be published on the BWF website and the membership will be notified;
  • Member Associations and Continental Confederations will not be able to be enter players from these Member Associations until further notice;
  • The players from that Member Association will be barred from the BWF World Ranking System;
  • Players from the Member Associations who are barred from entering tournament and who have already been entered into a tournament and the draw has already been completed and published, will be allowed to continue to play, however no world ranking points will be awarded for that tournament until the outstanding penaltiy fees have been paid;
  • Any player who has entered a tournament and is on the M & Q Report (main and qualifying report) and before the draw is completed - will be removed from the M & Q Report and be prevented from entering the draw.
  • As soon as the outstanding penalties and fees have been paid, the BWF will send an email to Member Associations, and reinstate their players in the BWF World Ranking System.