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BWF Presents New Grand Prix Gold Logo

Starting with the India Grand Prix Gold in January, the Badminton World Federation will unveil its latest series of tournaments – the BWF Grand Prix Gold – for global viewing next year.

The 11 events, following on the heels of the BWF Major Events and the BWF World Superseries, will showcase badminton from locations such as Bangkok, Jiangsu, London, New York, Saarbrucken and Taipei City; excitingly packaged together for the first time for international broadcast by IMG Media – the BWF’s media partner for the new 2014-2017 competition cycle.

Adding this third level of collective events will offer even more badminton fare for fans worldwide who have been devouring the content on BWF’s online channel – www.BadmintonWorld.TV – and via rights-holding broadcasters in countries worldwide.

“We are responding to the badminton’s public’s call for more live action and we are confident they will enjoy the Grand Prix Gold in the same way that they have our other products – the Major Events and the World Superseries,” said BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer (right).

“What we have done is created a new circuit which will have shared media rights and a collective identity to which fans can relate. Our aim is to improve the quality and quantity of television production across the Grand Prix Gold landscape. Previously, some tournaments had individual broadcast contracts for domestic and, in some instances, international broadcast while others had none.”

Now, the Grand Prix Gold series will be uniquely identifiable by a new Grand Prix Gold series logo (in various colour schemes) which is being unveiled today. Furthermore all events will have a minimum of two days’ live coverage – semi-finals and finals.

“Five semi-final matches and all five finals will be shown. Some countries will show more coverage but this will be a step up for other hosts, which didn’t have any international feed before – only domestic,” added Høyer, noting this move “is in synch with BWF’s strategic plan to get more people watching badminton, thereby building the sport’s fan base”.






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