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London 2012: Waves of National Support at Olympic Badminton

Olympic badminton brought a veritable ‘flag party’ to Wembley Arena!

Shouting and cheering for various players, fans of the ‘shuttle showpiece’ enjoyed thrilling action for nine days of competition, watching some of the sport’s best exponents try to secure gold, silver or bronze for their respective countries.

Spectators from many of the record 51 nations represented in badminton at the London 2012 Olympics came armed with their flags, celebrating every point and victory won in their country’s name.

It was a colorful spectacle to see countless national emblems fluttering among the sold-out audiences attending each session. It was surely an inspirational sight for the battling shuttlers, knowing they had hometown support on hand.


Great Danes: Denmark's fans would have been proud to witness their players take home two medals in Olympic badminton.


Saina's Success: Indians turned out in large numbers to watch Saina Nehwal capture bronze in the Women's Singles category.


Italian Inspiration: Agnese Allegrini had her personal cheering section during the Group Stage.


Swiss Show: Supporters from Switzerland enjoy the matches next to a British fan.


French Force: These fans were in full cry for Brice Leverdez.


Finnish him! This is what this flag-waving lady would have loved when her compatriot, Ville Lang, took a game off Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei.


Chinese Champions: Sweeping all five badminton categories gave China a lot to shout about.


Malaysian Moment: No doubt who these spectators want to win.


Cordon's Corner: Guatemala's Kevin Cordon had his well wishers when he progressed to the round of 16.


Knockout Punch: The Australians were hoping their shuttlers could land some big blows.


Host's Hopes: British fans were wishing for a strong showing on home soil.


Spanish Spectacle: Pablo Abian had his country behind him.


Canadians Can: Michelle Li and Alex Bruce of Canada gave friends and family something to cheer about in Women's Doubles.

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