2012 "Schedule A" Return - 30 April Deadline

The BWF Constitution requires Member Associations to provide the BWF with information annually as part of the renewal process.

Please find attached Schedule A - 2012 (linked here). All Members of the BWF are required to complete this, sign and date the form and fax back to the BWF +603 2143 7155 (or a signed / scanned pdf and email to p.wong@bwfbadminton.orgno later than 30 April 2012.

The relevant sections of the BWF Constitution are:


Section 15 – Ongoing membership Requirements – BWF Constitution


Every affiliated organisation shall supply to the Chief Operating Officer not later than 30 April in each year such information as shall be required for purposes of administration and publication. This information shall include the names and addresses of its principal officers and the number of clubs and/or the total players affiliated to the organisation and certification that the provisions of Clause 10 continue to be met (USE SCHEDULE A)


Clause 29.4. – BWF Constitution

Each Member Association shall supply to the Chief Operating Officer by 30 April in each year a certificate giving the number of its active players as at a date within the preceding three months. Council shall have the right by the following 1 August to refuse to accept such certificate as representing the number of active players and also, if no certificate has been received, to assess the figures on such information as shall be available.

A Member Association shall have the right to appeal against such assessment by the following 30 September, and the onus of proof shall lie with the Member Association concerned. After considering any appeal, the decision of Council shall be final and the subscription due shall be based on that decision.


The constitution states that the number of active players declared is used to determine the subscription amount for 2013 subscriptions and the voting strength at the BWG AGM in 2013.


Stuart Borrie, Director of Operations

Badminton World Federation

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