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Boe virtually there

Danish star Mathias Boe has immersed himself in the world of badminton -- real and virtual. If you've missed him in real action at the Yonex BWF World Championships this week, good news, Boe is still in action in the virtual badminton world.

Boe 01The 31-year-old is one half of the All England men's doubles champions with playing partner Carsten Mogensen -- and that's for real.

But with Danish men's singles player, Joachim Persson, Boe has set up an online game for badminton fans called BadmintonStar and that's the virtual.

In the real world, Boe and Mogensen, seeded second, suffered a setback at the 2011 Yonex BWF World Championships, beaten in their quarter-final 24-22 in the third by the seventh-seeded Indonesians Mohammad Ahsan and Bona Septano.

But life goes on, Olympic qualification has started and the Danes would love to be back at Wembley in a year's time, chasing gold.

"That's the dream," said Boe.

Boe 02"On many occasions we have proven we can win, on many occasions we have proved we cannot. Of course we have a chance if we play our very best of but there are many, many good players so it will be very difficult.

"But the dream and ambition are there to go for a medal so we'll have to see what the future brings."

In the virtual world though, Boe is "reachable" on, the game is for those who like their badminton but want to take it another stage.

Boe explained: "We talked about doing some sort of game for badminton fans who follow tournaments online as well as live.

"We decided to make it a manager game where you use 10 players with 16 tournaments, the five Premier events and the Super Series tournaments.

Boe 03"It's a game for the fans who like to get a little deeper into badminton and to follow their favourite players."

The enterprise, set up by technical experts in Macedonia, has been running for a year and is just starting its second season, the world championships forming the first tournament.

"It's quite expensive to set up such a game but hopefully we can make a little bit of money at some's early days yet.

"There are a lot of badminton fans in China, Indonesia and Malaysia and of course we hope they like the game and want to support and play it for a couple of years and maybe we can develop it into something more."


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