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BWF schools badminton and coach education program one step closer to launch

The filming for ‘Shuttle Time’, the BWF schools badminton program and the coach education level 1 program that will be launched this year, was completed in Kuala Lumpur over the weekend after 6 days of filming.

Shuttle Time Filming 01The production of almost 400 video clips involved 90 school-aged children and 8 elite players.

Heinz Kelzenberg from Germany and Mike Woodward from the UK, who are the writers of the project material, have been based in Kuala Lumpur for the duration of filming to bring their expertise to the film set.

The filming for the coach education materials took four days to complete with 250 clips being produced for the coaching resource that will become part of an entry level course material for badminton coaches. A total of 140 clips were produced as program resource for "Shuttle Time", the schools badminton program.

“This is a really important step forward towards getting ready for the launch of "Shuttle Time”, said Ian Wright, Development Manager and the key driver of the program.

“The filming has gone very well throughout the week despite the heat in the stadium under the film lights, we are very pleased with the quality of the production and the patience the kids had during filming”, Wright added.




Shuttle Time Filming 02

The production for "Shuttle Time" captured various badminton sequences and activities for school-aged children learning badminton. The goal of the production is to put together a library of resource initially in three languages - English, French and Spanish - to train teachers ‘how to teach badminton’ in schools all over the world.

“We can expect to have quality high definition clips available to support the written lesson plans for teachers ”, Wright shared in greater detail on the purpose of producing the video clips, “this is going to make it much more accessible for teachers who do not know badminton as a sport.”

This comprehensive project has been in the making for the last 16 months and will bring to the world of badminton and to schools and coaches much needed educational resources for the development of the sport. This comes with the hope to give the popularity of the sport in various countries a much needed boost.

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